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‘Where were your eyes on October 7?’: Israel counters viral ‘all eyes on Rafah’ trend

NEW DELHI: After huge criticism worldwide, Israel has now retaliated by sharing its own image, ‘Where were your eyes’, questioning why people did not post about the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. This came after celebrities, public figures, and countless social media users shared the AI-generated ‘All eyes on Rafah‘ image to highlight Israel’s air strikes in Rafah, a city in war-ravaged Gaza.
The Israeli air strike, aimed at destroying Hamas, resulted in the deaths of at least 45 civilians, including children, at a refugee camp in Rafah. The incident has sparked global outrage, however, while facing widespread criticism, Israel denied targeting the Rafah camp, claiming that the damage was caused by a secondary fire resulting from a rocket striking a Hamas weapons facility.

All eyes on Rafah

(Pic credit: X)

The image shared by Tel Aviv, in response, highlights the attack on October 7 that claimed the lives of approximately 1,160 people in Israel, primarily civilians. The militants also took around 250 hostages, many of whom were freed during a week-long truce in November. Israel believes that 99 hostages remain alive in the militants’ custody, while 31 have perished.
Israel’s retaliatory military campaign to destroy Hamas has claimed at least 31,112 lives, according to the health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza.
The Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, shared an image on X with the text “Where were your eyes on October 7,” depicting a Hamas militant standing in front of a baby.

where were your eyes

(Pic credit: X)

This response came shortly after the ‘All eyes on Rafah’ image went viral, with nearly 44 million users sharing it on Instagram. The image portrays densely packed rows of tents stretching across a desert landscape overshadowed by mountains, symbolizing the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who sought refuge there during Israel’s military campaign against Hamas.

Several Indian celebrities also shared the “All eyes on Rafah” image on their social media platforms.

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