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Watch: Youtuber mocks Rishi Sunak with ‘L’ sign on stage as he concedes defeat

NEW DELHI: Rishi Sunak conceded defeat to Labour Party leader Keir Starmer as the Conservatives saw a historic defeat in the United Kingdom elections. As he stood on stage delivering his speech and taking “full responsibility” for the loss, a Youtuber stood behind him with an obvious sign to mock the former PM.
Youtuber Niko Omilana stood behind Sunak holding up a paper with letter “L” (indicating ‘Loser’) on Friday.
Sharing a video clip of the same, Omilana wrote on X: “Hold this L rishi, your time is up”. Omilana has 1 million followers on X and 7.57 million subscribers on Youtube.

The video soon went viral and was seen by over 2 million people in the matter of a couple of hours.
During the live broadcast of the speech, Omilana was seen moving behind the ex-PM to ensure his sign would be caught on the cameras.
Niko was able to make it to stage as an independent candidate in Sunak’s Yorkshire seat, which the outgoing PM has retained.
The YouTube star won just 160 votes with his supporters circling the counting room and cheering every time they spotted a ballot in his favour.
Sunak left 10 Downing Street after giving his final speech as prime minister, hours suffering a landslide defeat by the left-of-center Labour Party, which will form a government for the first time in 14 years.
Sunak said earlier that he took responsibility for his party’s loss, and that he had called Labour leader Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory.
Voters in the UK cast their ballots Thursday in a national election to choose the 650 lawmakers who will sit in Parliament for the next five years. With almost all results counted, Labour, led by Starmer, has gained at least 400 seats in Parliament.
After more than a decade in power under five different prime ministers, Sunak ’s Conservatives are set to have their seats in the 650-seat House of Commons cut down to around 130. That would be the Tories’ worst result in the party’s two-century history and one that would leave the party in disarray.

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