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‘Victories & setbacks both inevitable …’: Rahul Gandhi writes to Rishi Sunak after UK election results | India News

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to former UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak following his recent departure from office, expressing sympathy for the recent electoral outcome as a setback for Sunak.
Rahul Gandhi noted that victories and losses are both part and parcel in the democratic journey, saying, “Victories and setbacks are both an inevitable part of the journey in a democracy, and we must take both in our stride.
Congress MP also commended former UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for his dedication and commitment to the people. Rahul emphasised Sunak’s efforts as pivotal in strengthening the ties between India and the UK.


“Your dedication to public service and commitment to your people are commendable. I also deeply value the efforts you made to strengthen the ties between India and the UK during your term in office,” wrote Congress MP.
Rishi Sunak, UK’s first Prime Minister of Indian descent, stepped down after the Conservative Party suffered a significant loss of seats, ending their 14-year governance. His premiership lasted just 20 months, starting amidst the party’s political turmoil. Despite the defeat, Sunak leaves behind a notable legacy, marked by his pioneering role and several accomplishments during his tenure.
In October 2022, Sunak assumed leadership of the Conservative Party on Diwali day, and subsequently became the youngest Prime Minister in 210 years and the UK’s first non-white leader upon entering 10 Downing Street.

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