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‘They treat us like garbage’: Husband of Mumbai hit-and-run victim slams Maha govt, questions timing of Mihir Shah’s arrest | India News

NEW DELHI: Hours after the arrest of Shiv Sena leader Rajesh Shah’s son Mihir Shah, who mowed down a woman under his BMW, the victim’s husband slammed the Maharashtra government and questioned the timing of the man’s arrest claiming his blood would now not have any trace of alcohol three days after the incident.
“He was arrested after three days, what does this mean? If he wasn’t alcoholic, if he hadn’t taken drugs, then why did he go into hiding?…why was he absconding for three days? You abandoned the vehicle on the way and broke the number plate before running away…now after three days, there won’t be any traces of alcohol in his body and he will have 20 lawyers with him,” teary-eyed Pradeep Nakhwa said.
Lamenting the loss of his wife Kaveri Nakhwa, Pradeep Nakhwa expressed hopelessness and said the leaders won’t do anything as the accused is the son of a leader from the ruling party.
“These party leaders will do nothing, this is the son of their leader only. He is a big person who can buy anyone…who is there on our side? Did Fadnavis or Shinde come to our house to know what happened? Did Ajit Pawar come? They all have become blind in greed for power…they come to meet the public only to beg for votes and then they forget,” Nakhwa said.
“She was dragged in front of my eyes. The claim is that the accused reversed the car…had he reversed the car, wouldn’t she have survived?
According to police, Kaveri Nakhwa was dragged for around 1.5 km by the speeding car before Mihir pulled it over, swapped the seat with his driver, and fled in another vehicle.
‘We public are garbage’
Nakhwa said today he (Mihir) went to jail, day after tomorrow he will be produced in court and subsequently everything will cool down paving the way for his bail.
“We are poor, who will give justice to us? Today he went to jail, day after tomorrow he will be produced in court and he will get bail. The case will go on and on and everything will cool down. What will we do? From where will we arrange money and a lawyer?,” he asked while speaking to news agency ANI.
“We public are garbage for them,” Nakhwa said as he broke down on camera.

‘She was in a lot of pain’
Daughter of Kaveri Nakhwa, Amruta Nakhwa also broke out while reacting to the arrest and said: ” My mother should get justice. I want him (Mihir Shah) to get the death penalty. She (victim) was in a lot of pain, I saw her with my own eyes, in the hospital”.
Kaveri Nakhwa’s parents also sought justice for their daughter saying, “Mihir Shah should get the strictest punishment…our daughter should get justice”.

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