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The Great Indian Kapil Show: Kartik Aaryan’s mom reveals he kept his passion for acting a secret until he got ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’; says ‘Par Main khush nahi thi’

The Great Indian Kapil Show“, the popular comedy talk show hosted by renowned comedian Kapil Sharma. Known for its humorous sketches, celebrity interviews, and lively banter, the show has garnered a massive fan following. It features a talented ensemble cast and invites various celebrities from the entertainment industry, providing a perfect blend of laughter and entertainment for its viewers.The comedy show aired its finale episode tonight, featuring Bollywood’s new-age superstar Kartik Aaryan and his mother, Mala, as the guests for the evening. During the episode, Kartik’s mother shared many hilarious stories from his childhood, adding to the laughter and entertainment of the night.
While interacting with host Kapl, Karti’s mom shared that the actor kept his passion for acting a secret until he baged his debut film Pyaar Ka Punhchnnama. Kapil revealed in the episode that Kartik’s parents and sister are doctors in the family. He then joked and asked his mother if he became an actor because he was talented or because he was useless. She said, “No, he had a craze and passion for acting since childhood. He wanted to become an actor since childhood which he never told us. He shared with us when he got Pyaar Ka Punchnama and he cracked the auditions. During that time, I thought he was out for studies, but he had ATKT in subjects. He would fail, I used to keep wondering why he kept saying I was sick and so on. Then one day he called and he was in tears and told me “Mom, I got it! I cracked the audition. I got the film.”
She further shared, “He was crying because he got the film, and I was crying on my end.” He asked, “Why are you crying?” I said, “Because you got the film. I wanted you to study and become a doctor… or maybe something else. I never wanted him to become an actor. He wanted him to become a doctor or an engineer. I had to really twist his arm to become an engineer. Thok Peet Ke banaya Hai inko engineer. He was failing every semester so I took him to his college principal. I said sir please explain to him the importance of education. He should atleast have a degree. So, the principal reasoned with him. Finally, he completed the four-year course in eight or ten years.”
Kartik’s mother’s candidness and revelations cracked everyone up and the audience and host Kapil Sharma had a laugh out loud moment.
Kartik replied to his mom, “10 saal mein toh teacher ban jaaunga.”

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