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SpiceJet cabin crew takes flight with sign language initiative

PUNE: On the occasion of International Cabin Crew Day, SpiceJet has announced an initiative aimed at enriching the travel experience for passengers with hearing impairments. The airline’s cabin crew will undergo a customized program to learn sign language, reinforcing the commitment to creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all travelers.
Cabin crew members trained in sign language have commenced flying on select flights starting today, confirmed airline officials.
This training equips the crew to effectively communicate with passengers experiencing hearing loss during their travels. SpiceJet aims to empower its crew to better serve passengers with hearing impairments, thereby fostering a more inclusive and welcoming travel environment, added airline officials.
The trainers and cabin crew received basic sign language training with the assistance of the Noida Deaf Society (NDS).
Debojo Maharshi, Chief Business Officer at SpiceJet, expressed, “At SpiceJet, we are committed to providing a comfortable and convenient travel experience for every passenger. Our cabin crew plays a vital role in this mission, and by equipping them with sign language skills, we are bridging the communication gap and ensuring a more inclusive journey for all. This initiative embodies the spirit of International Cabin Crew Day, where we celebrate the dedication and care provided by our cabin crew members.”

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