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Several parts of Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Lok Sabha expunged | India News

NEW DELHI: Parts of the leader of opposition Rahul Gandhi’s speech delivered in Lok Sabha on Monday were expunged from the records of Parliament by the orders of the Speaker.
The portions expunged include his comments on Hindus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP-RSS among others.
Rahul Gandhi began his speech in the Lok Sabha by invoking ‘Jai Sanvidhan‘ (Hail Constitution) amidst BJP chants of ‘Jai Sri Ram’.Asserting that Hinduism is not about spreading fear, hatred, and falsehoods, Gandhi criticized the BJP for their interpretation of Hindu values.
Holding up pictures of Lord Shiva, Guru Nanak and Jesus Christ, he referred to Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism to underline the importance of fearlessness.

‘BJP Is Not Entire Hindu Community,’ Rahul Gandhi Blasts Saffron Party In Lok Sabha

When the treasury-bench members protested, Rahul slammed the BJP, saying, “Aap Hindu ho hi nahi (You are not Hindus). It is clearly written in Hinduism that one should stand with the truth and not back down from the truth or be scared of it.
When PM intervened, Rahul shot back and said that BJP, RSS or Modi are not the custodians of Hinduism.
Rahul also cited one of PM Modi’s interview remarks made during campaigning and said “Parmatma speaks directly to Modiji’s atma.”
He then went on to take a dig at another remark by PM Modi on how a movie had revived Mahatma Gandhi. Rahul called it PM Modi’s ignorance and said that the Father of the Nation was always alive.
In his concluding remarks, Rahul asked the ruling party not to spread fear or hatred. “Do not think of the opposition your enemies. We are ready to discuss anything you want to. Let us work together to take the country forward,” he said.

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