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Security on high alert for India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match following ISIS-K threat | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Authorities have ramped up security for the India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match scheduled for June 6 in New York after ISIS-K called for a “Lone Wolf” attack on the event. The terror group has released a video urging independent attackers to act, prompting an urgent response from local and state officials.
Patrick Ryder, the Police Commissioner of Nassau County, where the match will take place, confirmed the threat and outlined the steps being taken to ensure safety.
“In a video that has gone global, the terror group is calling for that ‘Lone Wolf’ to act out,” said Ryder. “When you have a game and a crowd as big as this, everything is credible.”
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Ryder explained the nature of the threat, which has evolved since April. Initially, it was a broad, international threat from ISIS-Khorasan, but it recently became more specific to the India-Pakistan match.
“Then it got a little bit more specific towards the actual game of India versus Pakistan but did not name the place,” he said. The latest development includes a video showing drones flying over the cricket stadium with the date “9/6/2024”.
In response, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has directed the New York State Police to implement heightened security measures.

“There is no credible public safety threat at this time,” Hochul said, but added, “We continue to monitor the situation closely. My administration has been working for months with federal law enforcement and Nassau County to ensure New Yorkers and visitors are safe.”
Bruce Blakeman, the head of Nassau County, assured that every precaution is being taken. “We take every threat seriously. There are the same procedures for every threat. We don’t minimize threats. We track down all of our leads,” he said at a news conference.
Security will be significantly increased at the cricket stadium in Eisenhower Park, where the match is scheduled. Additional police officers will be mobilized, and local hospitals are on alert. “We will go to every fine detail when it comes to the security and safety of the residents here,” said Ryder.

The threat includes potential drone attacks, leading county officials to request the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to designate Eisenhower Park as a no-fly zone for drones.
ISIS-K, an offshoot of the Islamic State operating in South and Central Asia, has a history of violent attacks, including a deadly assault on a Moscow concert hall in March. This context underscores the severity of the current threat.
The India-Pakistan match is a key fixture in the T20 World Cup, which starts on June 1 with a warm-up match between India and Bangladesh.
NBC New York TV reported that the security preparations for the World Cup event are the largest Nassau County has ever undertaken, comparable to those for presidential debates.
The British newspaper Express first reported the threat, indicating it also extends to sporting venues across Europe, including Wembley Stadium. According to the Express, ISIS followers are being encouraged to target major events, including the Cricket World Cup, using tactics like drone attacks.
“We make sure that we are on top of every situation that could potentially arise. Now to that end, we have taken many, many precautions,” Blakeman assured the public.
Authorities continue to treat every lead with utmost seriousness to ensure the safety of all attendees and participants in the T20 World Cup.
(With inputs from IANS)

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