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Pune Porsche crash: How blood sample probe led to arrest of teen’s mother | Pune News

NEW DELHI: A teenage boy from an influential family, who was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, rammed his Porsche Taycan into a motorcycle, resulting in the deaths of two young IT professionals.
The aftermath of the tragedy has been marred by a complex series of cover-ups, including the swapping of blood samples belonging to a woman whose identity has now been uncovered: The teen’s mother.
The investigation into the blood sample tampering has shed light on the following details, here’s all you need to know:
In a surprising development, the Pune Porsche crash case took an unexpected turn on Friday when experts suggested that the swapped blood samples actually belonged to a female individual.
This finding gave rise to suspicions that the samples may have been exchanged with those of the mother of the teenage driver involved in the incident.
A three-member committee from the Directorate of Medical Education and Research found that Dr Shrihari Halnor, a former casualty medical officer at Sassoon General Hospital in Pune, obtained blood samples from three individuals – a woman and two elderly citizens – to exchange them with the samples of the teen accused.
ACP Sunil Tambe testified in a special court on Thursday, saying that the syringe used to collect the minor driver’s blood sample was not thrown in a dustbin. Instead, he claimed that the syringe was handed over to another individual. But who? Police are still investigating.
The mother, who was previously not considered a suspect in the case, has been arrested by Pune police earlier today. The authorities had been attempting to reach out to her for questioning. According to earlier reports, she was not a suspect in this matter but cops were trying to contact her.
However, she had departed from her residence three to four days prior to her arrest. The crime branch officer said that she was found guilty of tampering with evidence by swapping blood samples, leading to her arrest.

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