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‘Princess Diana believed Prince Harry would be a better King than Prince William’

Princess Diana held the belief that her younger son, Prince Harry, possessed qualities that would make him a more suitable king than his elder brother, Prince William. This revelation was made by royal writer Angela Levin in her book “Harry: Conversations with the Prince.”
According to Levin, Diana saw in Harry an ideal temperament for a monarch, marked by his “ease with people,” “general gusto,” and his ability to cope with challenges.Diana even affectionately referred to him as “Good King Harry.” Conversely, she felt less confident about William’s desire to take on the royal mantle, worrying about his aversion to constant public scrutiny, a report in Inquisitr said.
Levin recounts Diana’s concerns, quoting her as saying, “William doesn’t want to be king and I worry about that. He doesn’t want his every move watched.” Despite acknowledging William’s rightful place as the heir, Diana foresaw Harry handling the responsibilities of royalty more willingly and effectively.
Prince Harry himself has echoed sentiments of wanting a relatively normal life. He shared in an interview, “People would be amazed by the ordinary life William and I live. I do my own shopping… Even if I were king I would do my own shopping.”
Both Harry and William have spoken about their last conversation with their mother. Harry reflected on this in an ITV documentary, expressing deep regret over the brevity of their final phone call. “If I’d known that that was the last time I was going to speak to my mother… how differently that conversation would have panned out,” he said. William also shared a similar sentiment, recounting their hurried farewell and the lasting impact of that final call.
Diana’s views on her sons’ potential as future monarchs offer a poignant glimpse into her hopes and concerns for their futures, shaped by her intimate understanding of their personalities.

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