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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reached out Kate Middleton: Reports

NEW DELHI: According to a report, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reached out to Kate Middleton before her return to the spotlight at the Trooping the Colour ceremony last week. The Princess of Wales, 42, joined the royal family on the Buckingham Palace balcony for King Charles’ birthday celebrations, delighting fans.
Despite their limited communication with the palace and the Waleses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly shown interest in Middleton’s recovery and extended well wishes.
New York post quoted Closer, “Both Harry and Meghan have been following Kate’s recovery with huge interest, but sadly it’s had to be more from afar because their lines of communication with the palace and the Waleses, in particular, are very limited, to say the least.”
The insider added that the Sussexes’ attempt to connect hasn’t warranted much of a response from Middleton, but they hope her return to action might ease the tension and potentially lead to a truce with Prince William and King Charles.
Harry has visited the UK twice this year without meeting his estranged brother and sister-in-law, only seeing his father, King Charles, in February.
Markle did not accompany her husband on either trip, instead meeting him at Heathrow Airport before they flew to Nigeria together. A source told the outlet that Markle is “desperate to come across as the bigger person and end this feud between them,” believing that appearing as a “royal savior” could benefit her image.
The source added, “Meghan has made it clear she’d love nothing more than to move past all the nonsense and find a way towards healing for everyone’s sake. She’s ready to let the anger and bitterness go.” The “Suits” alum, 42, reportedly hopes her feelings are being conveyed to Middleton through mutual friends.
The insider noted that making peace with the Waleses would be a significant relief for Markle, as it would improve her reputation and the new brand she is cultivating. However, former royal butler Grant Harrold told The Post that he believes it may be “too late” for the two camps to reconcile.

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