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Picture of 2nd statue of Ramlala surfaced, know best place to be seated in Bhagwan Ram Mandir

In a moment of anticipation and excitement, the unveiling of the second statue of Ramlala has captured the attention of devotees and citizens alike. As the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya continues to progress, the emergence of this sacred image holds profound significance. In this article, we explore the details surrounding the second statue of Ramlala and shed light on its designated seat within the majestic Ram Temple.

Discovery and Unveiling Ramlala:

The discovery of the second statue of Ramlala has added a layer of spiritual significance to the ongoing construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. The statue, believed to be intricately carved and artistically crafted, surfaced during the excavation process at the sacred site. Its unveiling has become a momentous occasion, with devotees expressing their joy and reverence for the divine image.

Symbolic Importance:

The statues of Ramlala hold immense symbolic importance for millions of devotees who consider Lord Ram as the embodiment of virtue, righteousness, and divine grace. Each statue is revered as a sacred representation of the revered deity, and their installation within the Ram Temple is seen as a fulfillment of a longstanding dream for many.

Seat within the Ram Temple:

The location where the second statue of Ramlala will be seated within the Ram Temple has been carefully chosen to honor the sanctity of the site. According to reports, the designated seat for this revered image is within the inner sanctum of the temple, also known as the ‘garbhagriha’ or womb chamber. This central and holiest part of the temple is where the primary deity resides, surrounded by an aura of divine energy.

Devotee Anticipation:

The news of the second statue of Ramlala finding its place within the inner sanctum has heightened the anticipation among devotees. Many see it as a crucial step in the realization of the Ayodhya Ram Temple, a project that holds deep emotional and religious significance for millions across the country.

Cultural Harmony and Unity:

The construction of the Ram Temple and the installation of the statues of Ramlala have become symbols of cultural harmony and unity, bringing people together across diverse backgrounds. The shared reverence for Lord Ram and the collective efforts in realizing the temple highlight the ability of such projects to foster a sense of unity and pride in the rich cultural heritage of the nation.


The unveiling of the second statue of Ramlala and its designated seat within the Ram Temple marks a significant chapter in the ongoing saga of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. As the construction progresses, these sacred images serve as a focal point for devotion, cultural identity, and unity among millions of Indians. The completion of the temple and the installation of these revered statues stand as a testament to the enduring faith and commitment of a nation in realizing its deeply cherished spiritual aspirations.



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