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Paid Rs 45k for fancy number but was stingy with nominal fee | India News

PUNE: A prominent builder who owned the Porsche Taycan involved in Sunday’s fatal crash in Pune failed to pay Rs 1,758 to complete the registration process of the electric luxury sports sedan, which wears a price tag between Rs 1.6 crore and Rs 2.4 crore in India, according to RTO.
A sum of Rs 45,000 was, however, paid to RTO to get the chosen registration number for the Porsche, officials said Tuesday, but the process was left incomplete.The car had been running without registration since March.
Pune’s regional transport officer Sanjiv Bhor said: “All electric vehicles (EVs), whether a two-wheeler or a high-end four-wheeler, are exempt from paying the motor vehicle or road tax and registration fee. For regular vehicles, the road tax (valid for 15 years) is 20% of the on-road cost of the vehicle. It has come to light that on April 18, the car in question had come to the RTO office and an inspection was conducted.”
He added: “The owner bought a choice number (MH12 WQ2000) for the car and paid for it. However, for the registration to be completed, a sum of Rs 1,758 – fees for hypothecation, smart card, and postal charges – was pending. This wasn’t paid and hence, the registration couldn’t be done, and the number was not given. We don’t know why the owner did not complete the process.”
Another RTO officer said if the car was not an EV, around Rs 50 lakh would have been paid as road tax and registration charges. “Considering that the cost of the car is at least Rs 2.25 crore, around Rs 45 lakh would have been paid as road tax and Rs 5,000 as the registration fee.”

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