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Microsoft Edge is getting Google Chrome like real-time live translation: All details

Microsoft Build 2024 is underway and the company has announced various AI-powered features, including a real-time translation and dubbing feature on the Edge browser. At its annual developer conference, the company said that the real-time video translation uses AI to translate videos into available preferred languages in real-time through audio dubbing and/or subtitles.
“With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to open the door to watching many more video across a variety of languages,” said Microsoft. The feature will be available soon.

How to access real-time video translation

Users of Microsoft Edge can get real-time translation of videos they are watching with subtitles in their preferred language by selecting the translate icon which appears when users hover over a video. The real-time video translation feature will be available on YouTube, LinkedIn, Moneycontrol, CNBC News, among other sites “but we’re always working to offer more choices in the future.”
The feature will be available from English to German, Hindi, Italian, Russian and Spanish, and from Spanish and Korean to English, with additional languages and video websites coming in the future. Audio sources in Spanish and Korean can be translated to English.
Microsoft claims that the translation is done completely on the device, which means that no data from the video leaves the machine.
“This means that no segment of the video or audio content ever exits the machine or is processed in the cloud,” the company added.
On the quality of translation, Microsoft noted that there are several factors that affect how accurate the translation – such as the background music, number of speakers, source language, etc.
“We are continuously working to improve the quality of translation. However, users should keep in mind that AI generated content may have errors,” the company added.

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