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Lok Sabha polls: Congress leaders Rahul and Sonia Gandhi show inked fingers in voting selfie | India News

NEW DELHI: Senior Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi shared a selfie showing their inked fingers after casting their votes in the New Delhi constituency during the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections on Saturday. They arrived at the polling station at Nirman Bhawan around 9:30 am.
After casting his vote in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi urged citizens to vote in large numbers in the sixth phase, stressing the importance of voting for their rights and the future of their families.
In his post on X, Rahul Gandhi highlighted several key promises: filling 30 lakh vacant government posts, initiating a job guarantee scheme of Rs 1 lakh per year for youth, providing Rs 8,500 per month to women from poor families, ensuring debt-free status for farmers with the right MSP on their crops, and securing a daily wage of Rs 400 for laborers. He stressed that each vote would help improve lives and protect democracy and the Constitution.
“Your vote will not only improve your life but also protect democracy and the Constitution,” he said.
.Rahul Gandhi mentioned that both he and his mother, Sonia Gandhi, participated in this democratic process by voting and encouraged others to do the same.
“All of you should also come out of your homes in large numbers, vote for your rights and the future of your family,” he said.
In Delhi, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), part of the INDIA bloc, are contesting the Lok Sabha polls together. AAP is contesting four seats, while Congress has candidates for the remaining three. AAP’s Somnath Bharti is the INDIA bloc candidate for the New Delhi seat, facing BJP’s Bansuri Swaraj.
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