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Inzamam-ul-Haq hits back at Rohit Sharma: ‘Humein na sikhayein reverse swing kaise hota hai’ | Cricket News

Inzamam-ul-Haq had stirred a bit of a controversey when he questioned how India, in particular left-arm pacer Arshdeep Singh, managed to reverse-swing the ball in the 16th over of Australia’s innings during their ‘Super 8’s match of the T20 World Cup, and the former Pakistan captain has retorted once again asking India skipper Rohit Sharma to not try to teach him how and when the ball reverse-swings.
Replying to a reporter’s question about Inzamam’s allegations, Rohit rubbished the claims, saying: “What should I say now about this? You are playing in such hot sun, the wicket is so dry, the ball reverses automatically. It’s happening for all the teams, not only ours. All the teams are reverse-swinging. Sometimes, it’s important to open your mind.

“It’s important to understand what conditions you’re playing in. The match is not taking place in England or Australia.”

Replying to Rohit’s remark, Inzamam almost cautioned the India captain to not teach reverse-swing to the originators of the art, Pakistan.

“Dimag to hum zarur apna khole lenge,” said Inzamam on the Pakistan news channel, retoring to Rohit’s advice to ‘open your mind’.
“First thing is that he (Rohit) has admitted that it’s happening. So it means what we observed is correct. Second thing, Rohit Sharma ko humein batane ki zarurat nahi padni chahiye ke reverse swing kis tarah hota hai, kitni dhoop mei hota hai, kis pitch pe hota hai. Jo sikhane wale hain unko nahi yeh cheez sikhaya karte (there is no need for Rohit to tell us how reverse swing happens, under how much sun, on what pitch; you don’t teach something to someone who actually taught it to the world),” said Inzamam.
“Tell him it’s not right to talk these things.”
Inzamam then clarified that he never said that the Indian team is tampering with the ball. He said his intention was just to alert the umpires.

“The reporter asked the wrong question. I gave a suggestion to the umpires, to keep their eyes open because the ball is reverse-swinging in the 15th over. Still my advise to the umpires is the same, keep your eyes open as well as your mind. He (Rohit) just talked about mind, I am saying keep both eyes and mind open,” said Inzamam.
Meanwhile, India went on to defeat England by 68 runs in the second semifinal to book a place in the final, where they will face South Africa. The Proteas defeated Afghanistan by nine wickets to ensure their maiden entry into a World Cup final.

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