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Indian students injured in mob attacks in Kyrgyzstan | India News

HYDERABAD: Indian students in Kyrgyzstan, in fear are scared for their lives, as locals have targeted them in Bishkek. They have shut themselves up in their accommodation but during a stone pelting incident the window panes were damaged.
In a desperate call for help, the Indian community called up the Indian embassy late on Friday night. An Indian student pursuing his medical studies told TOI from Kyrgyzstan that the vandals had also entered two universities, apart from targeting Indian and Pakistani students for attacks in Bishkek.
“This is a scary situation. We need the intervention of the govt to keep us safe,” the student told this reporter.
Mobs targeted the hostel of International University of Kyrgyzstan pelting stones and issuing threats. The scared students while shutting themselves up in their rooms also took some videos of the mob around their hostel.
A video shows vandals dragging a student after he was attacked. In another photograph, a student shows his bare back with the marks of the attack on him, another student was attacked and dragged by the vandals. The videos and photographs are said to pertain to Indian students who suffered injuries.
Army personnel who entered the scene went to the Avicenna University to assure students that they were being provided security.
An Indian national who called up the Indian embassy told the official that they were in dire need of help and security.
In the attacks, at least 14 Pakistani students reportedly suffered injuries.
What led to the escalation in violence was that on May 13, local students of Kyrgyzstan were involved in a skirmish with Egyptian and students from the Arab countries. In this incident a Kyrgyzstan student was reportedly injured.
The situation took for the worse as on May 16, when foreign students were targeted and later attacked.
Groups of locals attacked the students even as they shouted for help and pleading to go.
Following this incident, mobs started targeting international students, particularly those from India and Pakistan. As many as 8,000 to 10,000 Indian students and more than 11,000 students from Pakistan who are pursuing medical studies in Kyrgyzstan.

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