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How Babar Azam’s Pakistan can still reach ‘Super 8s’ at T20 World Cup | Cricket News

While the Pakistan team continues to draw flak for its lackluster show at the ongoing T20 World Cup, there was some good news for them when neighbours India defeated USA in New York on Wednesday — a result that favours Pakistan in their quest to qualify for the ‘Super 8s’ stage of the tournament.
After consecutive defeats against USA and India at the start of their campaign, Pakistan’s chances of advancing to the next round are no longer in their own hands, as they depend on favourable results in other matches in Group A.
India’s win over USA took Rohit Sharma & Co to the ‘Super 8s’, while the seven-wicket defeat for the the US team meant that their run-rate (+0.127) is now inferior to Pakistan’s (+0.191), thanks to Babar Azam & Co’s seven-wicket win over Canada.
The current position of the teams in Group A is as follows:
1. India – 3 matches, 6 points (NRR +1.137) – Qualified for ‘Super 8s’
2. USA – 3 matches, 4 points, (NRR +0.127)
3. Pakistan – 3 matches, 2 points (NRR +0.191)
4. Canada – 3 matches, 2 points (NRR -0.493)
5. Ireland – 2 matches, 0 point (NRR -1.712)
There are three matches left to be played in Group A, all in Florida, where a storm is brewing and threatens to disrupt and/or wash out out the matches.
USA vs Ireland (June 14)
– India vs Canada (June 15)
Pakistan vs Ireland (June 16)
Here’s a look at the scenarios in which Pakistan can grab the second spot in Group A and progress to ‘Super 8s’:
If USA beat Ireland
A victory for the co-hosts over the Irish team will take them to six points, which will be enough to qualify for the ‘Super 8s’, along with India, as none of the other three teams can reach six points.
If Ireland beat USA
In case Ireland manage to beat USA, it will keep them only mathematically alive because their NRR is the poorest among the four teams. However, Pakistan’s spirits will improve further with that result as USA’s net run-rate, which is already inferior to Pakistan’s, will worsen, making the Pakistan vs Ireland match a direct shootout for a spot in ‘Super 8s’.
If USA vs Ireland is washed out
The split points in the case of a washout or no-result will take USA to five points, which will be enough for them to advance to the ‘Super 8s’, rendering the remaining matches in the group meaningless.
India vs Canada
This game will be rendered inconsequential in case USA beat Ireland on June 14. But if the opposite happens in that match, Canada will have to upset India in order to tie with USA at four points. But they will have to stun the unbeaten Indian team by a substantial margin to make their negative NRR better than USA’s, which seems highly unlikely. If India win, the Canadians will be eliminated.
If Pakistan beat Ireland
This result will be relevant only if USA lose to Ireland on June 14. If that doesn’t transpire, the outcome in Pakistan vs Ireland game won’t matter anymore. Pakistan will have their fingers crosed for Ireland’s win over USA, because in that scenario, a win over Ireland will take Pakistan to No. 2 on the points table, edging out USA on NRR to make it to the ‘Super 8s’.
A win over USA will also mean that Ireland come into this match alive mathematically, but their progression is highly unlikely because their negative net run-rate is literally beyond repair and has virtually eliminated them from the race already.
If Pakistan vs Ireland is washed out
In the eventuality of points getting shared in this game, Pakistan will end up with 3 points, which will allow USA to go through to the ‘Super 8s’ even if they lose their last match against Ireland.

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