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House painters’ sons clear JEE(A) with flying colours | India News

AGRA: When cousins Shivam and Abhishek cracked the JEE Advanced examination by achieving 2989 and 2372 ranks respectively, it was their fathers — who are siblings and work as painters and earn about Rs 600 a day each — whose joy knew no bounds as they had every single day dreamt of sending their sons to IITs.
It was a tale of aspirations and dreams come true for the family in a single day.Over two years back, the painter brothers were working in a private school when someone told them that there was an examination to get admission in IITs. The two painters then decided to get their children admitted in this school and attend coaching classes for IIT entrance exam.
Originally from Jhansi district, Rajendra Kumar and Vijendra Kumar moved out 15 years ago in search of work. They landed in Agra with virtually nothing and had even seen days when they had nothing for their next meal. Initial struggles notwithstanding, through their hard work and dedication, they established themselves as painters — working in offices, homes and shops.
Speaking to TOI, Rajendra said, “My brother and I started working as daily wagers when we were teenagers. Now, I manage to earn Rs 600 a day, and so does my brother. We live in a rented house. After my son and nephew get into IITs, we hope to see better days in future.”
Rajendra said he failed in class 10, and his younger brother studied up to class 8. Rajendra has four children — three daughters and a son. His daughters are pursuing higher education in various fields such as MSc in horticulture, MCA and BBA respectively. Abhishek is the youngest, and he secured 2372 rank in JEE Advanced. Vijendra Kumar’s elder son is studying BBA, while his younger son Shivam achieved 2989 rank in JEE Advanced.
Both Abhishek and Shivam aspire to pursue BTech in computer science from IIT.
Abhishek and Shivam said it was their fathers who made them aware of the JEE examination two years ago. Their dads came to know about it while doing paint work at a private school.
Inspired by their fathers’ desire to see their sons become successful, the cousins agreed to prepare for IIT entrance exam. The two children got enrolled in this school, and began taking coaching classes alongside their school studies.
The cousins said their motto is ‘discipline, dedication and determination.’ They study together, dedicating an additional 6-7 hours of studies at home after their eight-hour coaching sessions. They solve difficult problems together.
When asked how social media has influenced them, they said it was ‘a recipe for failure’ and hence stayed away from it.
Shivam and Abhishek excelled in class 12 boards as well. Shivam scored 86% in class 12 and 84% in class 10 board exam from Agra. Abhishek completed his education up to class 10 in Jhansi, securing 87% in class 10. He scored 89% in class 12 board exams.
Abhishek and Shivam together said, “We used to study together and motivate each other. Despite financial constraints, our parents supported us; they would always keep a tab on how we progressed and boosted our confidence. We never counted the study hours, but prioritised completing assignments and targets set for the day. We focused on doing a lot of revision and solving mock questions papers. We dedicate our success to our fathers, who encouraged us to dream big. We assure that their hard work will not go in vain.”

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