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Govt makes a new category of ‘combo’ three-wheeled vehicle | India News

NEW DELHI: After a gap of nearly six years, govt has added a new category of vehicle, L2-5. This ‘combo’ category of three-wheeled vehicle can be used interchangeably as a two-wheeler or a three-wheeler, as per requirement. These vehicles can now be registered with transport authorities across the country.
It was in Nov 2018 that the govt had included ‘quadracycle’ as a new vehicle in the four-wheeler class, though it has not found many takers.Officials said creating new categories of vehicles and allowing their registration are aimed at promoting innovative transportation solutions.
The ‘combo’ vehicles can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
As per the current automotive standards, the combo vehicles would be electric-powered only. Sources said new standards can be included if any manufacturer opts for using any other fuel. The ministry in July 2022 had initiated setting the standards for this category of vehicles.
As per a road transport ministry notification, a combo vehicle “means a three-wheeled motor vehicle, with a 2 wheeler-3 wheeler combination module, constructed in such a way that a two-wheeled vehicle of category L2 is combined with a non-self propelled rear module unit”.
Though it’s a detachable combination of a two- and three-wheeler, there would be one single registration number for both the vehicles. But each of the vehicles would have two number plates, one in the front and the other in the rear side.
Sources said the new category of L2-5 has the potential to meet the requirement of a section of users considering the flexibility to use the vehicle as per their requirement. For example, in congested areas, the owners can detach the three-wheeler portion and use it as a two-wheeler. Those who run a shop or a small commercial entity, they can use it as a three wheeler to carry goods. At the workplace, they can detach the two-wheeler and use it for commuting.

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