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Gautam Gambhir: ‘It is not right’: Gautam Gambhir calls on ICC to scrap this ‘very unfair’ rule in white-ball cricket | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir has termed the two new-ball rule in One Day Internationals ‘unfair’ and accused it of altering the dynamics of the game.
Gambhir called on the International Cricket Council to eliminate the rule, asserting it is detrimental to finger-spinners.
The rule was adopted in October 2011 to help the ball retain its shine and minimize reverse swing, the rule has led to fewer opportunities for finger-spinners to effectively impact matches.Gambhir, during an event in Kolkata, emphasized that the rule unfairly disadvantages finger-spinners, thereby affecting their participation in white-ball cricket.
“I don’t know what the spirit of cricket is because everyone plays with the right spirit of the game. If there are rules, anyway, there is the spirit of the game. But one thing that I would definitely want to change is to get rid of two new balls,” Gambhir was quoted as saying by ANI.
“Especially in white-ball cricket because it is very, very unfair on a finger spinner. It is very unfair on a finger spinner to not be playing enough white-ball cricket because there is nothing for them. It is not right,” he added.

He urged the ICC to amend the rule to allow all players an equal chance to showcase their talents, irrespective of their bowling style.
“The job of the ICC is to make sure that everyone with their skill should get an equal opportunity to showcase his talent. But when you take that talent from a certain section of players, it is very unfair. Today, you hardly see any finger spinner playing white ball cricket. Why? It’s not them to be blamed; it’s ICC that needs to be blamed for it. For me, one thing that I want to get rid of is two new balls because it makes the contest between bat and ball much much more even,” Gambhir said.

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