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Delhi’s peak power demand hits record high amid heatwave | India News

NEW DELHI: Delhi’s peak power demand reached a record high of 8,647 MW on Tuesday as it continues to rise amid severe heatwave, as residents rely more heavily on air conditioning and cooling devices, as per data released by the State Load Dispatch Centre.
Delhi’s peak power demand surpassed 8000 MW for the first time on May 22, 2024 and since then it has crossed this threshold on eight times.
Earlier, Delhi’s previous peak power demand was 7695 MW, recorded on June 29, 2022, while the peak power demand in 2023 was 7438 MW.
Delhi’s power demand typically reaches its highest levels in late June or early July, with the exception of last year when it peaked in August.
Meanwhile, the ministry of power has implemented measures to address the challenges posed by the highest ever peak national power demand of 250 GW during the current summer season.
The Northern Region alone witnessed its highest peak demand of 89 GW on June 17, 2024, as per the press release by ministry of power. However, the region managed to meet this unprecedented demand by relying on inter-regional power imports, which accounted for 25 to 30 per cent of the total requirement.

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