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‘Death of children very painful’: What PM Modi told Russia President Putin on Ukraine war | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the deaths of innocent children in war, conflict, or terrorist attacks are “very painful”. This statement came a day after Ukraine reported a deadly Russian missile strike on Kyiv’s main children’s hospital. PM Modi, sitting alongside Putin, said in a speech in Hindi, “If innocent children are murdered; if innocent children die, it is heart-wrenching.”
In their discussions, PM Modi also expressed that a solution to the war in Ukraine “cannot be found on the battlefield …we have to find peace through talks.”
“As a friend, I have also said that for the brighter future of our next generation, peace is of utmost importance,” PM Modi said. “But I also know that solutions are not possible on battlegrounds. Amid bombs, guns and bullets, solutions and peace talks do not succeed. We will have to follow the path to peace only through talks,” he added.

PM Modi also condemned all forms of terrorism, recalling the pain caused by terror attacks in Moscow. “For the last 40-50 years, India is facing terrorism. When terror attacks took place in Moscow, I can imagine the pain it caused and I condemn all kinds of terrorism,” he said.
During the talks, PM Modi spoke on the importance of India-Russia relations, expressing confidence that their ties will continue to strengthen in the coming years. He acknowledged the critical role of India-Russia cooperation in the energy sector, noting that it has benefited the world, especially during global fuel challenges.
“I am grateful to you for this warm welcome and respect. We got an unprecedented victory in the elections in India, and I thank you for the wishes you conveyed. In March, you also won in the elections, and I congratulate you for that,” said PM Modi, reflecting on the mutual respect and political victories shared between the two nations.
Reflecting on the long-standing relationship between India and Russia, PM Modi noted their frequent interactions over the past decades. “For the past 2.5 decades, I have a relation with Russia and you. We have met 17 times over the past 10 years, and we have had nearly 22 bilateral meetings over the last 25 years. This itself reflects the depth of our relations. I assure you that our upcoming terms will only strengthen our ties further,” he said.
PM Modi also acknowledged Russia’s support in meeting India’s fuel requirements, which helped stabilize the international market. “When the world was facing the challenge of fuels, your support helped us fulfil the petrol and diesel requirements of the common man. Not just this, the world should accept that India-Russia agreement regarding fuel played a big role in bringing stability to the international market,” he remarked.
Addressing the broader challenges faced by the world, PM Modi noted the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and various conflicts over the past five years. He reiterated India’s commitment to condemning terrorism in all its forms and emphasized the need for global cooperation to address these challenges.

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