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Darshan of Ramlala Extended Till 11 PM; Yogi Government Appeals to VVIPs to Avoid Ayodhya for Next 10 Days

In a noteworthy decision, the Yogi government has extended the darshan (sacred viewing) of Ramlala in Ayodhya until 11 PM, offering devotees an extended opportunity to partake in this revered experience. Simultaneously, a plea has been issued to VVIPs, urging them to refrain from visiting Ayodhya in the coming 10 days.

🕊️ Extended Darshan Hours for Devotees
🙏 Ramlala Blessings Till 11 PM
🌟 Unique Opportunity for Pilgrims
🔔 Yogi Government’s Reverence for Devotion
🚫 VVIPs Requested to Postpone Visits
🗓️ 10-Day Period of Respectful Abstention

The decision to extend the darshan hours aims to accommodate a larger number of devotees seeking the divine blessings of Ramlala in the holy city of Ayodhya.

🌇 Ayodhya’s Spiritual Aura
🕋 Significance of Ramlala Darshan
💫 Connecting With Faith and Devotion
🤲 Devotees’ Joy Over Extended Hours
🔊 Government’s Support for Religious Practices

In a parallel move, the Yogi government has requested VVIPs to refrain from visiting Ayodhya for the next 10 days, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring an uninterrupted and spiritually focused environment for the devotees.

📜 Respecting Devotees’ Serenity
🚗 Temporary Pause in VIP Visits
👥 Unity in Upholding Spiritual Values
🌌 Preserving the Sanctity of Ayodhya
🔐 Security Measures for Pilgrims

As Ayodhya opens its gates for extended darshan, the Yogi government’s appeal to VVIPs emphasizes the collective responsibility to uphold the sanctity of this divine period.

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