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Congress calls PM Modi’s ‘God sent’ remark as ‘increasingly delusional,’ claims INDIA bloc to cross 350 seats | India News

NEW DELHI: As the sixth phase of Lok Sabha concluded on Saturday, Congress claimed the BJP‘s fate is “all but sealed” and said that the INDIA bloc has already crossed the halfway mark of 272 seats and is on course for a tally of over 350 seats in total.
Taking on the social media, X, Congress general secretary in charge of communications, Jairam Ramesh repeated the opposition’s slogan ‘south mein saaf, north mein half’, implying that the BJP will be wiped out in the south and is losing ground in other regions.
“The BJP’s fate is all but sealed. It has become clear that they are South mein Saaf, aur North, West, and East mein Half,” Ramesh said in a post.
“The INDIA alliance has grown from strength to strength since Phase 1. After polling in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar and now Delhi, we are seeing the incredible chemistry that has been built between coalition partners. The INDIA alliance has already crossed the halfway mark of 272 seats and is on course for a tally of over 350 seats in total. Indian voters have seen through the outgoing PM’s deceptions and manipulations,” he added.

Calling the Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Outgoing PM,” the Congress leader said that he have extra time to plan his retirement, since the BJP’s campaign is ending early. The BJP cannot even campaign in Haryana and Punjab, and their leaders are being driven out of villages by residents. Farmers’ anger and disillusionment with the Kisaan Virodhi establishment is very palpable, the Congress leader added.
He also slammed the PM for his remarks that he was sent by god and said that he became “increasingly delusional.”
“As the reality of defeat dawns on the outgoing Prime Minister, he has become increasingly delusional. He has now proclaimed that his birth was not biological, and that he has been sent by the Creator himself. Perhaps he fancies himself as a Godman in his next career. Even his acolytes have taken to the PM’s latest re-branding – Puri candidate Sambit Patra proclaimed that even Lord Jagannath is a “bhakt” of the outgoing PM. The voters of India will teach them both a lesson in humility,” Ramesh said in a post on X.
He also recalled the Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s remark “khata-Khat” and said that this slogan has captured the imagination of the people, to the extent that even the PM has been forced to respond to it.
He also mentioned the Congress party’s promise of doubling the allotment of free foodgrain for each individual under the National Food Security Act and said that this announcement has caught fire in North and East India.
He also talked about the violations of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) and said, ” The continued slumber of the Election Commission has been unfortunate. The BJP, with the outgoing PM leading from the front, commits violations of the Model Code of Conduct on a daily basis. The use of religious symbols in polling, advertisements on polling day, videos on social media showing repeat-voting by BJP workers: they have all raised questions about the ECI’s ability to hold the outgoing PM accountable.”
“We also continue to hope for immediate publication of turnout figures as soon as possible after the conclusion of voting. The ECI’s refusal to publish Form 17C publicly is antithetical to ideals of transparency and erodes trust in the election system. Every single ground report is very clear. Hawa badal rahi hai, Aandhi ban rahi hain. The INDIA Janbandhan is set to sweep the NDA away. June 4th is coming!” he added.

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