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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Naezy reveals how Ranveer Singh’s ‘Gully Boy’ negatively affected his personal life; says, ‘Meri 2 Girlfriends Dikhayi, Mujhe Gareeb Bataya Gaya Jitna Main Tha Nahi…’

Controversial reality show Bigg Boss OTT 3 has been making waves recently. This season, hosted by Anil Kapoor, features 16 contestants from various backgrounds living under one roof. While the show has seen numerous fights and disagreements in the past few days, it has also brought forth several revelations. Contestants have been opening up about their personal lives.In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, rapper Naezy, also known as Naved Sheikh, discussed the Ranveer Singh-Alia Bhatt starrer Gully Boy, which was loosely inspired by his own life. He shared how the film brought him mainstream recognition but also negatively impacted his personal life.
In the episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Poulomi Das directly questioned Naezy if the movie was inspired by his life, and he confirmed it. Sana Sultan then remarked, “Kya baat hai, Bombay 70 bahut hard.”
Naezy mentioned that many people feel connected to the film as it represents the entire hip-hop culture. He said, “Woh film se bahut saare log jude hue hain. Woh Pure hip hop culture ko represent kiya hai humne. But usmein joh main character that woh mere se inspire hua tha. Zoya ma’am ne sabse pehle mujhe dhoodha tha, Aafat gaana joh mera pehla song tha, joh viral hua tha. Jab unhone mera pehla gaana dekha na tabhi unko idea click hua ki main puri film banati hoon. (But the main character was inspired by me. Zoya ma’am was the first to discover me through my song Aafat, which was my debut song and went viral.”
Sai Ketan Rao, who was also part of the conversation, asked Naezy if the film had benefitted him in any way. Naezy sais, “Haan mujhe recognistion mila, mere naam ko validate kiya gaya, waise main industry mein pehle se he jaana maana tha, but isse mera thoda main stream janta se introduction hua. Main stream recognisiton bani, pehchaan bani, toh uss film se mujhe bahut subtle way mein faida hua ( Yes, it brought me recognition and validated my name. I was already known in the industry, but the film introduced me to a mainstream audience. It gave me mainstream recognition and identity, so the film benefitted me in a subtle yet significant way).”
He further added, “Par bahut Nuksaan bhi hua. Meri psychology par meri personal life par. Usmein meri do do girlfriends dikha di gayi, mujhe gareeb bataya gaya jitna gareeb main tha nahi, mujhe driver bataya gaya, main woh hoon nahi. Lekin joh Indian audience ka dimaag hai na, sabko aisa lag raha hai, yehi Naezy bhai, Naved Bhai hai. Joh Ranveer kar raha hai na un logon ko lag raha hai wohi Naved Bhai hai, inki story aisi he rahegi, yehi hua rahega (But there were also many downsides. It affected my psychology and personal life. The film showed me having two girlfriends, depicted me as poorer than I actually was, and portrayed me as a driver, which I am not. However, the Indian audience now believes that this is who Naezy, or Naved Bhai, is. They think whatever Ranveer does in the movie is what Naved Bhai is like, and that my story is just like that and will remain so).”
He shared how it negatively affected his personal life, he shared, “Un logon ne assume kar liya that imapcted my personal life. Sab area waale, maholle waale, sabko aisa lagne laga ke woh mera role tha, halanki woh mera role tha nahi. FIlmmakers ne bhi pehle he clear kiya tha ke ye fictionalised story hai, educated aur matured janta ko pata tha ke fiction hai but baaki normal logon ko aise he laga ke ki main he hoon woh. Toh mera faida bhi hua nuksaan bhi hua (People assumed it was all true, which impacted my personal life. Everyone in my area and neighborhood started believing that the character was me, even though it wasn’t. The filmmakers had clarified from the beginning that it was a fictionalized story. Educated and mature audiences understood it was fiction, but the general public thought I was just like that. So, while I did benefit from the film, I also faced some drawbacks).”

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