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As nation moves to new laws, Delhi Police files 300 cases | India News

NEW DELHI: A shooting incident and a fatal accident were among a dozen-odd FIRs registered under the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS) in the early hours of Monday. From midnight to noon, police had filed over 100 FIRs under the new laws, sources said.
While Delhi Police brass didn’t release an official figure of the total number of FIRs registered on Day 1, sources pegged the number at around 300, including e-FIRs.Several senior police officers confirmed that it was business as usual in terms of FIR registration. While the shooting incident that left a man wounded took place in northeast Delhi’s Seelampur, the crash was reported from Nihal Vihar area.

As nation moves to new laws, Delhi Police files 300 cases.

An FIR was registered for the offence of encroachment against a street vendor at Kamla Market police station in the early hours but later Delhi Police moved court for its cancellation, sources said.
The cops denied claims made on social media that it was the first FIR registered under BNS. Speaking to reporters, Union home minister Amit Shah also clarified that the first case was registered in Gwalior. “The case registered at Kamla Market PS was one of the first cases registered in Delhi under the new laws. There were provisions for the offence in the earlier law too… It is not a new provision. Police used the provision to review it and dismissed that case,” he said.

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