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‘8-year-old struck in head’: Witnesses recount horror of US waterpark shooting

After a man opened fire at a splash pad in US’s Detroit injuring at least 8, the witnesses recounted the horror of the incident. The authorities found the suspect at a residence, where the individual took their own life, according to officials.
Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard informed that among the 8 injured, two are kids with an 8-year-old getting shot in the head.
The incident occurred shortly after 5pm at a water park where families had gathered to escape the summer heat.
‘A gut punch’
Talking about the incident, Sheriff Mike Bouchard said that it was a “gut punch” for the county.
“We’ve gone through so many tragedies,” he said.
“You know, we’re not even fully comprehending what happened at Oxford. And, you know, now we have another complete tragedy that we’re dealing with,” he added.
‘Fired 28 times, stopped multiple times to reload’
In the shooting that appeared to be ‘random’, according to Bouchard, the assailant fired almost 28 times. The Sheriff also said that the shooter stopped a number of times to reload the gun.
“It appears like the individual pulled up, exited a vehicle, approached the splash pad, opened fire. Reloaded, opened fire. Reloaded. Left. So it appears very random at this point,” he said.
He mentioned that the initial deputies who arrived promptly at the scene began providing immediate medical assistance to the victims.

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