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3 reasons why Roman Reigns can return at WWE Money in the Bank 2024 | WWE News

Roman Reigns is the hot topic among wrestling fans. Fans are anxiously awaiting the comeback of The Tribal Chief, but it won’t be an ordinary one. After what The Bloodline did to Paul Heyman, Roman won’t spare the squad members. However, that’s just one reason for his return. There are also unresolved issues between him and Solo Sikoa that may lead to his appearance at Money in the Bank.
Here are the reasons why Roman Reigns can return at WWE Money in the Bank 2024
1) For Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is someone Roman Reigns has always admired. He serves not only as Reigns’ Wiseman but also as a mentor, a role Roman openly acknowledges. The chemistry between them is extraordinary, and Roman has never mocked or disrespected Paul during his time in the WWE. Solo is fully aware of this and understands that attacking Paul Heyman is something Roman would never tolerate. He knows that by targeting Paul, they have indirectly disrespected Roman. Consequently, Roman is certain to appear at Money in the Bank to demonstrate to Solo and the Bloodline the gravity of their mistake.
2) War to become the Tribal Chief

Believe it or not, the war between Solo and Roman has already begun, with the main issue being the position of The Tribal Chief. Roman earned this title through an undefeated championship streak against the top competitors in the business, and the WWE Universe recognizes his spectacular performances. In contrast, Solo has claimed the position of The Tribal Chief without demonstrating the same level of achievement as Roman.
There is speculation that a match between Solo and Roman for The Tribal Chief title might take place at SummerSlam 2024 in August. Roman’s return to Money in the Bank would signal the start of his rivalry with Solo Sikoa, making it a significant reason for his comeback at Money in the Bank 2024. Upon his return, Roman plans to teach the Bloodline members a lesson and show them what it means to be a true Tribal Chief, marking the beginning of Roman’s babyface era.
3) The Bloodline vs The Bloodline 2.0

The current members of The Bloodline include Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, and Jacob Fatu, now known as The Bloodline 2.0, a much more ruthless incarnation than the previous members. Previously, The Bloodline consisted of Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Roman Reigns, and Solo Sikoa. With Sikoa forming a new alliance, Jey, Jimmy, and Roman are now considered part of the original Bloodline. An epic clash is anticipated when these two factions collide.
Roman Reigns might need assistance from Jey and Jimmy Uso to defeat Solo Sikoa. While he can handle Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, Sikoa and Jacob Fatu pose a greater challenge. Therefore, it’s likely that Roman will ally with Jey and bring Jimmy along to take down Bloodline 2.0.
Recently, there have been rumors about Zilla Fatu, son of the late great Umaga, joining WWE. If this happens, Roman would have Jimmy, Jey, and Zilla backing him against Solo, Tama, Tanga, and Jacob. A clash between The Bloodline and Bloodline 2.0 would be a spectacle to watch at SummerSlam 2024, with the outcome hinging on the Money in the Bank event.

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